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A portfolio of services to help you do more with your existing Evatec tool 


Our goal is to deliver tools with the longest working lifetime in the industry. Many of our tools like the BAK have already shown themselves to be invaluable over working lifetimes of 25 years or more. Upgrading source and control technologies enable them to achieve new levels of precision in new processes with new materials in new applications.

So here are just a few of the ways in which our customer service team can support you. 

Extending tool life
As tools get older individual parts like controllers or software can be made obsolete by the original OEM supplier. Evatec offers retrofits to bring your tool back to the current state of the art, ensuring production stability and spare parts availability for the years to come.

Upgrading capabilities
As consumer product lifetimes get shorter, so the production processes for the changing components within them have to change too. In some cases a change in process requires no hardware changes at all, in other cases it's a small tooling change to handle bigger or thin wafers, while in others new source and process control technologies might be required to achieve the thin film layers required at the right precision. 

Increasing Tool Productivity
"Faster, better, cheaper" is something we all are asked for every day. If you have a proven process running on our tool but you would like to increase the output, talk to our specialists. Perhaps it's an upgrade to the latest source technology offering higher deposition rates for increased output or magnet systems that improve target utilization and reduce production costs. We can help you to analyze your process in detail and make proposals for modifications.  

Got a BAK or an LLS?
You can read more about retrofit options for addressing obsolescence and upgrading tool capabilities by downloading the BAK  Retrofit or the LLS Retrofit brochures. 

Got a different Evatec tool?
No problem...we offer retrofit and upgrade options across our whole range.

Why not  find out how our portfolio of retrofits can enhance productivity on your Evatec tool? Click here, complete a few details and we'd love to tell you more.