Corporate Social Responsibility (Code of Conduct)

Our Mission
Evatec is a global leader in Thin Film Technology engaged in the design and manufacture of standard production systems for industry. In addition, Evatec provides customized engineering solutions and is contract manufacturer of special equipment for research and production. Through our vision we aim to enrich people’s lives by enabling innovations in connectivity & mobility, data processing, energy efficiency and smart sensing 
The following principles guide our company and employees:

1. Business Ethics

Evatec respects and complies with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which we are doing business in accordance with strict business ethics. We do not engage in any conduct that impedes fair and open market competition.

As a globally active supplier of highly technologically advanced products and services, we have the capability to supply customers in a wide range of industries. We recognize our ethical and legal responsibilities and will take care that our products and services are not misused for unethical or unlawful purposes. We adhere to applicable export control regulations and pledge our unequivocal and emphatic support for a policy of non-proliferation.

2. Respect for Individuals

Evatec respects the character and individuality of each person. Trust, mutual respect and cooperation are essential parts of our corporate culture. We respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of our fellow employees and do not tolerate either discrimination harassment or offense.

3. Environment

We are committed to continuously reduce environmental impact and conserve natural resources by minimizing waste and emissions, improving energy efficiency, reusing and recycling materials, and the use of water, land and other resources in a responsible manner. We hold ISO14001 certification. You can read more about how we take care of our environment as part of our vision, mission and environmental policy

4. Quality Management, Health and Safety

Evatec maintains a process-oriented quality management system and systematically reviews in order to measure progress and achieve continuous improvements. We conduct our operations in accordance with all applicable EHS laws and regulations. We design and equip our products for safe operation and operator intervention in order to prevent events that could have an adverse impact on people, property, and the environment. To achieve this goal, we comply with the EU Machine Directive and other applicable regulations. We hold ISO9001 certification.

5. Anti-Corruption and Bribery 

Evatec does not tolerate bribery or corruption or other corrupt behavior and is committed to complying with all relevant national and international anti-corruption laws (e.g. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) when providing services. In connection with the provision of services, Evatec shall not offer, promise or grant, directly or indirectly, any unlawful payments, benefits, gifts or other pecuniary advantages to public officials or other private or public decision-makers or other business partners, or otherwise unlawfully influence their decision-making..

6. Conflicts of Interest

We only make business decisions in the best interest of Evatec. We anticipate and avoid situations where our business decisions might be affected by personal relationships, benefits to family members, our own financial interests, voluntary work, secondary employment, political interests or other private interests. We assess ourselves whether we can avoid or resolve a conflict of interest. If we cannot avoid or resolve it, we disclose the conflict before it affects our business decisions. As employees, we can disclose a conflict to our superior, the HR Department or the Compliance Department.

7. Free and Fair Competition

Evatec complies with all applicable competition laws and are committed to support fair, free, undistorted, and effective competition.  We are committed to a well-functioning competition which is fundamental for growth and employment and ensures innovation and best prices in the interest of all market players and the final consumer.

Evatec does not participate in illegal exchanges of competitively sensitive information. We do not participate in cartels (price fixing, allocation of markets or customers, etc.) and do not engage in an abuse of market power. Such misconduct can lead to severe fines and significant reputational damages.

We remove and distance ourselves from conduct that violates competition laws and notify the Compliance Department immediately of any concerns.

8. Compliance with Provisions of Foreign Trade Law

Evatec ensures compliance with the relevant national and international foreign trade legislation and customs regulations, such as the applicable laws on the import and export of goods, services, technologies, software and information, as well as embargoes and other sanctions.

We undertake in particular to comply with the relevant requirements of national and international customs and foreign trade law that are necessary for compliance with the relevant customs and foreign trade law on importation (for example, official permits to be obtained or existing reporting obligations)..

9. Data Protection and Privacy

We ensure the proper use and protection of personal data and privacy. We collect and process personal data carefully and responsibly and only for legitimate purposes. We protect personal data against loss, modification, and unauthorized use. We respect everyone’s privacy.

In case of doubt about the proper collection and processing of data, we ask the Data Protection Department for advice. We immediately inform our Data Protection Department in case of any data breach involving personal data..

10. Social Contribution

We engage in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen to contribute to the development of our local community and society.


If you would like to contact Evatec with any queries or comments about our Code of Conduct / Corporate Social Responsibility please send an e-mail to or contact us at the following address

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Evatec AG
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Last update:  30th September 2022