Welcome to Customer Service

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Welcome to Evatec Customer Service 

Using our 70 years of production and process know-how we support our customers around the globe. We know that each and every customer has their own needs so we offer a whole portfolio of customer service products put together in tailored packages to suit each individual customer.

Our products are divided into 4 main groups. We call them our service pillars which help you maximise tool performance and useful working life. Watch our movie by clicking on the link above to get a quick overview.

Spare Parts

While maintaining infrastructure for a fast global delivery we also ensure a high tool uptime for the best cost of ownership...but that's only the start of what we can do! To access our detailed spare parts page click here 

Support Solutions

Apart from urgent "tool down" support either on site or remote we offer services including planned maintenance, a global knowledgebase for timely support and continuous improvement programmes (CIP).  Access our detailed support solutions page here

Upgrades & Retrofits

Our goal is to deliver tools with the longest working lifetime in the industry. Retrofit obsolete parts to extend tool life or upgrade source and control technologies to achieve new levels of precision in new processes with new materials in new applications.  Access our retrofits page here 


Expanding your own knowledge is the best way to maximize tool performance, increase productivity and lower your cost of ownership. We offer standard & custom trainings across the entire Evatec range. Access more info about our training package here 

Need some help?

Wherever you are we are never far away. To get immediate help for an urgent problem now or to discuss your long term needs and put together a package that's just right for you click here to find our contacts worldwide.