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A portfolio of remote and on site solutions to help you get the most output


We recognise that every customer is different with their own needs.  Evatec's portfolio of support services is designed to give you the freedom you need to put together a package thats just right for you

"On site" or "Remote Support" - the choice is yours
Having access to an Evatec engineer as quickly as possible when you need one for a "tool down" situation is vital but new technologies like "Hololens" enable our team to offer you new choices.  Perhaps you want to have an engineer on site, but perhaps you want to get other support options using the latest "Hololens" technology for remote problem solving. 

Apart from urgent tool down support  there are many other ways in which we can help you get the most out of your Evatec production equipment. Your local Evatec Sales and Service organization can put together a proposal for a customized package thats just right for you.

Production ramp up support
For equipment or processes "new" to our customers we can offer short term on site support during production ramp up, supporting your staff as they grow in confidence and knowledge.

Planned Maintenance
Having Evatec engineers on site during planned maintenance can be an effective way to help you assess overall equipment status and advise on preventative measures saving downtime and lost revenue in future.

Continuous Improvement Programmes
We are here to help you monitor and identify actions or changes in your working procedures that help you maximize tool uptime. Why not ask your local Evatec Sales and Service how they can help?

Service Level Agreements
Sometimes you need more than usual and that's when a customized "service level agreement"  combining several services in a package can be the solution. Perhaps it's knowing that someone is available on the phone for technical support outside of normal working hours, perhaps it's knowing that an engineer is "on standby" ready for a visit in a critical case. 

We have over 100 Evatec Field Service (FSE) and Field Application Engineers (FAE) worldwide with back up from local technical support and management. You can rely on our Customer Service team to find the right solution just for you. Click here to contact us for help.