1st January 2019


There’s a whole lot more behind Customer Service than getting quicker and quicker in delivery of spare parts and breakdown support. Head of Customer Service Thomas Germann explains how Evatec’s organisation and capabilities are developing, and how we help our customers grow by enhancing tool performance, capabilities and working life

Investing in customer service capabilities

Evatec is growing and so is Customer Service. The last 12 months saw a period of huge growth for our organisation. We are now 30% bigger than we were just one year ago after investing heavily in our local organisations and especially in China, Taiwan and South East Asia. From spare parts logistics and field engineering support to customer training capabilities, we grew in every respect to enable quicker response times for our customers’ whatever they need.

Reducing cost of ownership

From our customers’ perspective its all about maximising daily machine output. In the case of breakdown that means minimizing time to repair. It starts with helping customers to help themselves. Giving customers access to our “online spare parts catalogue” unique to each of their machines with simple parts visualisation speeds up identification of the parts they need. Eight (8) bonded warehouses holding stocks of spare parts around the globe means delivery of parts quicker than ever, and more field engineers available locally than ever before in 2018 means shorter wait times until we are there to help.

But there are other ways to maximise output too. Our engineers are also available to offer advice on ways to increase throughput or yields through the many Continuous Improvement Programmes (CIP) we run together with our customers, tuning process sequences to shorten cycle times and optimising planned maintenance tasks and schedules to keep systems in peak condition.

This is an extract from an article in LAYERS 4. Edition 2018/2019. To read the full article click here