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Vision, Mission & Environment

1. Vision

Evatec the ”Thin Film Powerhouse” enables innovations for Energy Efficiency, Connectivity & Mobility, Data Processing and Smart Sensing.

2. Mission

Long term business partnerships
We build strong long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers to bring success for all.

Supporting our employees
Working with well qualified staff, and supporting their continuing professional development is an important factor in our product quality and company success. Supporting our employees also includes caring about their safety, reducing workplace risks and creating a better, safer working conditions. We work according to and hold  ISO 45001 certification to help us establish, implement. maintain and improve our occupational health and safety management system.

Eliminating waste
Continued investment in improving business processes reduces waste, increases productivity and product quality and protects our environment for the next generation. We hold ISO9001 certification.


3. Environment

Conserving resources
We continuously reduce environmental impact and conserve natural resources by minimizing waste and emissions, improving energy efficiency, reusing and recyling materials and resources in management of both our facilities and build of products. We hold ISO14001 certification.

“End of Life” disposal
Environmentally friendly end of life disposal is part of the design process for our products.

Open communication
Our management system encourages employees, customers and suppliers to contribute. 

Legal compliance
We know and comply with legal standards in relation to environmental protection.