3rd September 2020

SMART Center "fast-tracks" piezoelectrics

The Northeastern University SMART Center in Boston, Massachusetts has added an Evatec CLUSTERLINE® 200 to its nanofabrication capability.

The partnership between academic institution and equipment manufacturer Evatec will help accelerate developments in state of the art  piezoelectric materials and devices. The CLUSTERLINE® 200  tool provides the SMART Center and its team of scientists with a cutting-edge capability not only to perform research and development, but also  pilot manufacturing of high-performance piezoelectric micro and nano systems.  Evatec’s CLUSTERLINE® 200  tool enables the deposition of Aluminium Nitride (AlN) and Scandium-doped Aluminium Nitride (ScAlN) piezoelectric thin films on 8-inch substrates with great control over crystallinity, stress, stoichiometry and uniformity.

“This is the same tool that is available in several commercial foundries which allows us to prototype our cutting-edge sensing, computation and communication micro/nano devices using a production-proven, versatile and scalable manufacturing process. This is essential to accelerate the transition of our new technologies into systems and products addressing commercial and Department of Defense needs",  said Professor Matteo Rinaldi, Director of the Northeastern University SMART Center.

To view the full press release on the website of Northeastern University CLICK HERE

Note:  Image reproduced courtesy of Ruby Wallau, Northeastern University Photographer