7th October 2020


BU Head, Silvan Wuethrich and Senior Scientist Dr. Andrea Mazzalai explain how advanced plasma intensity distribution control brings the superior “waferin- wafer” levels of stress uniformity required for BAW processes on 8 inch wafers.

Getting the most from 5G

5G mobile communication may be just around the corner, but the full potential of the next generation of wireless devices will only be achieved once the frequency bands above 20 GHz can be exploited. This frequency requirement will push bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technology development towards the use of high Sc concentration Al1-xScxN films. Together with overall enhancements in coupling coefficient itself however, this also brings increased sensitivity of coupling coefficient to film stress, creating the need for deposition processes with very tight wafer-in-wafer stress uniformity, and all without compromise in thickness variation.


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