1st January 2019


Michael Müller Director Metallisation and Stefan Schwantes, General Manager Waferfab, Nexperia HH talk about the company’s vision for 2020 and the importance of working closely together with key partners like Evatec for successful realisation of the company ramp up plans.


Our markets are growing

The combined market for Discretes, Logic and MOSFET products is expected to reach $10 Billion by 2020. Working in a market that’s growing is always great as it brings opportunity for us to grow too, but we know that our competitors will be just as keen to grab that extra business as we are, so having the right strategy is essential to make sure we achieve our goal of being a $2 Billion company by 2020.

Building on Nexperia’s existing values

Our focus remains on efficiency, producing consistently reliable semiconductor components at high volume to meet the stringent standards set by the Automotive industry. That means delivering small packages, produced in-house, combining power and thermal efficiency with best-in-class quality levels. Continuing to be adaptable to global mega trends in the Automotive Industry like electric vehicles will be essential to our success. Alongside efficiency and quality, our customers value reliability and a consistent supply they can trust. We offer the highest capacity in the industry for various packages, and continuously invest in new capacities. We work at every step to safeguard the long-term availability of our manufacturing processes and products, to ensure secure supply for our customers. Delivering complete customer satisfaction will also be key.


This is an extract from an article in LAYERS 4. Edition 2018/2019. To read the full article click here