29th August 2022

"MADMAX" - the search for dark matter

Astronomers believe that the Universe is filled with invisible material called dark matter. Thousands of researchers worldwide are trying to detect dark matter in the lab. The  MADMAX collaboration team of  scientists from 6 institutions around Europe including Max-Planck-Institut, and University of Hamburg have developed a sapphire-based detector for their experiment.   The gold layers sputtered on CLUSTERLINE® contain the potential dark matter signal and increases the sensitivity of the detector. The layers needed to have good step coverage and adhere to sapphire very well at very low temperatures. 


For more information about the MADMAX project  visit https://www.physik.uni-hamburg.de/en/iexp/gruppe-garutti/forschung/the-madmax-experiment.html or contact Chang Lee at the Max Plank Institut via e mail at changlee@mpp.mpg.de