21st January 2021

Quantum Computing gets a research boost

The German government just announced 19 million Euros of state funding to develop insights from research in the field of quantum technologies with regard to practical applications and to harness their potential for industry. Fraunhofer IAF is one of the key players in the initiative named “Quantum Computing Baden-Württemberg”. Development and benchmarking of a diamond-based spintronic quantum register for a scalable quantum processor is just one of the government funded projects led by long term Evatec collaboration partner Prof. Dr. Oliver Ambacher and we are proud that Evatec CLUSTERLINE technology will play a part in essential project aspects like new materials development.


For more information about the initiative go to https://www.iaf.fraunhofer.de/en/media-library/newsarchive/projects-competence-center-quantum-computing.html