4th November 2020


Benefiting from Monochromatic and Broadband Algorithms in the same Coating Process.

Broadband monitoring with high signal quality enables use of both broadband and monochromatic layer termination algorithms in the same process when depositing optical interference coatings. Evatec’s Stephan Waldner, Juergen Buchholz, and Rico Benz present case studies using a bandpass filter and an absorbing layer to show how such a “hybrid” approach can lead to the most accurate layer termination.


An essential component of state-of-the-art deposition systems for the development and production of optical interference coatings is an in-situ optical monitor. By measuring either transmittance or reflectance on a product or a specific monitor substrate during film growth, the termination of each layer can be controlled based on the actual optical performance of the coating.

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