24th November 2020


An enhanced lab environment equipped with enhanced thin film characterization
and measurement tools is the perfect way to help our customers speed up their
new process development. Evatec CTO Marco Padrun and ECL Manager Dominik
Jaeger show us how the ECL is already “earning its keep” using a recent case history analysing “Front Side Metallization” processes on 300mm.

Front Side Metallization - when particle control is a given CLUSTERLINE® 300 is already well established in the market for 300mm metallization processes in both Power Device and Wafer Level Packaging applications, but as our customers need to achieve increasingly tough particle specifications, a detailed understanding of the potential sources of particles and the identification of appropriate remedies is essential. The new Evatec Competence Laboratory (ECL) with its suite of characterization instruments including the latest particle measurement equipment is the perfect environment to take on this challenge.

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