1st January 2019


Delivering best customer value starts long before we deliver the final equipment to our customers. Evatec Management System (EMS) Manager Lucas Kaspar explains how EMS and Northstar are effective tools to help us do just that

Business processes are key

Efficient business processes are key to long-term competitiveness, avoiding any confusion, reducing mistakes and waste, accelerating project speed and of course freeing up resources for other value added tasks. To keep Evatec processes lean we have launched the EMS program where the NorthStar represents our “Vision”. It acts as a catalyst for the continuous improvement of our business processes under the EMS and a focus for our regular employee workshop

NorthStar & EMS

Our NorthStar represents an idyllic world where information can be accessed immediately, everything is available immediately but without the need for holding costly stocks, and of course where everything works perfectly. It identifies four “wastes” that we want to eliminate in the company:

Zero Search Time Zero Lead Time
Zero Defects
Zero Stock

Fully aware that we can never achieve our NorthStar completely, we can however seek and implement solutions that bring us closer to it. Within EMS, we encourage our people to bring forward and pursue ideas to reduce and eliminate waste and continuously optimise our business processes in the value chain to get to our NorthStar.

This is an extract from an article in LAYERS 4. Edition 2018/2019. To read the full article click here