20th March 2024

Evatec Thin film technology is enabling global megatrends

In a world where innovation drives progress, our thin film technology is the unseen force behind the global megatrends.

Connectivity: Evatec manufactures and sells thin film production solutions for coating memory chips used in high performance computers for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Data processing: Evatec’s thin film coating systems enable high-performance data centers to efficiently process ever-increasing amounts of data by extracting heat from objects.

Smart sensing:  Sensors with multiple layers can be coated with Evatec’s thin film tools, enhancing medical patient monitoring.

Energy efficiency: As global energy demand rises, Evatec’s thin film machines contribute to reduced power consumption.

Mobility: Sensors, actuators, and RF filters for high-speed mobile data networks essential for fully autonomous driving are enabled with Evatec’s thin film technology.


At Evatec, we are not just witnessing the future, we are making it!

Watch our latest video on our YouTube channel and discover how our technology supports a changing world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiIMsXzT_NY