1st January 2019


The future of MEMS and Sensors - beyond the human senses (by Eric Mounier of Yole Développement)


2017 has been quite good year for the MEMS markets and although the MEMS industry reached maturity, it is still expected to grow at a significant rate: 18% in value and 27% in units, over 2018-23. In 2023, the MEMS market should be a US$31 billion market with 88 billion units. Moreover, with new mega trends such as robotic cars, autonomous vehicles, AI, AR/VR, 5G, and Industry 4.0 ... the demand for sensors will grow as for MEMS.

It is still a domain with a lot of innovation as new devices are in R&D (speakers, gas sensors, hyperspectral imagers ...). This wave of innovation
is also confirmed by the good 2017 business year realised by most of
the MEMS foundries. This business is highly dynamic, as shown by the shuffle of the MEMS players ranking in 2017/2016 where RF MEMS players are moving to higher ranks.


 This is an extract from an article in LAYERS 4. Edition 2018/2019. To read the full article click here