5th April 2024

Evatec Partners with Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) for Innovative MEMS microspeakers

The MUSIC project brings together the collective expertise of Evatec AG, SAL, STMicroelectronics, USound, and EV Group. Our mission is to address the growing demand for high-performance microspeakers across various applications. By harnessing thin film deposition and etch technologies, we intend to revolutionize the field of MEMS-based audio devices.

Why is this important?

  • Advancing MEMS technology: Our collaboration will drive innovation in MEMS-based microspeaker design, improving sound quality, efficiency, and miniaturization.
  • Market impact: As consumer electronics continue to evolve, compact and powerful audio solutions are essential. The MUSIC project aims to address these needs head-on.
  • Global synergy: Evatec’s global presence, combined with the expertise of SAL, STMicroelectronics, USound, and EV Group, creates a powerful synergy to push the boundaries of MEMS technology.


For detailed insights into the MUSIC project and our collaborative efforts, read the full article here.

Find out how our thin-film solutions, in partnership with STMicroelectronics, USound, and EV Group, are shaping the future of microspeaker technology. Stay tuned for further updates.