10th July 2023

An interview with Evatec

Evatec Head of Asia, Mr. Kevin Chen, and VP Sales & Business Development Great China, Mr. Henfy Su, were interviewed about the Semiconductor and Advanced Packaging industry development. The interview was conducted by "Silicon Semiconductor" (SiSC) and " Compound Semiconductor" (CSC) at the Evatec booth during the Semicon China Show on June 30th, 2023.

Kevin and Henfy shared their insights about the market development of the China Compound Semiconductor and the Advanced Packaging Industry. As a major production equipment supplier, Evatec is ready to provide high performance thin film deposition solutions to customers. They also shared their view about the opportunities and challenges the industry faces in the post Moore period.

Evatec already has a long history providing thin film production solutions for the Power Device and Advanced Packaging industries. Their products and process solutions are qualified and widely used in production lines worldwide. During the Semicon China Show, Evatec introduced the latest technologies for the China market, such as technical solutions in compound semiconductor (SiC, GaN) power device application; in the Advanced Packaging area, Evatec introduced solutions for high performance WLCSP (Cu Pillar, FOCSP) and Back Side Metallization for heat dissipation, as well as solutions for Panel Level Package (FOPLP) and High Density IC Substrates. With more than 70 years' experience and process knowhow in design and manufacturing PVD thin film deposition equipment, Evatec is your long term partner, Swiss Made, The One You Can Trust!