CE Checklist & Declaration


Step 1 - Checklist

Please complete the short questionnaire below.  You have the possibility to add your comments against each question.

Note: Where your answer to any question is currently "no" you are also then asked to complete an additional entry where you should add in the target date by which you can comply. The addition of a target date is mandatory if you wish to remain a supplier under the "Copy Exactly" agreement.

Step 2 - Declaration

Please complete the declaration at the end of the checklist to confirm EITHER that "you do" OR that "you do not" wish to supply goods under the terms of the "Copy Exactly" agreement.




Revision Process
Is there a process for obsolete materials…
“Copy Exactly!” agreement with suppliers and Sub Suppliers of Evatec AG

Purchase order agreement

“Copy Exactly!” affected products mentioned in the purchase order are to be produced according to “Copy Exactly!” strategy. It is mandatory that all deliveries against these purchase orders are in compliance with the strategy.


“Copy Exactly!” strategy

Every single part, assembly or system has to be an exact reproduction of its predecessor. Copy Exactly affects all single parts as well as the manufacturing and assembly processes used for producing such single parts, assemblies or systems. In producing single parts, assemblies or systems suppliers must also therefore guarantee that identical raw materials, manufacturing processes and supporting materials are in use to ensure that a product identical to its predecessor is made. IMPORTANT:  “Copy Exactly!” doesn’t simply mean “compatible”.


Typical examples for use of identical raw materials and manufacturing processes include but are not limited to;

  • Electronic components, controller, boards, installed firmware, set up parameters
  • Cooling lubricants, welding, soldering, gluing and cleaning processes used in production
  • Raw material and semi finished manufacturing, rolling and forging processes


If any specification, production process, electronic components or firmware are changed for any reason, or if “Copy Exactly!” agreement is not followed, Suppliers must seek permission from Evatec AG in advance.


Securing of “Copy Exactly!”

“Copy Exactly!” has to be secured through the whole production chain, within Evatec AG, its Suppliers and its Sub suppliers. Responsibility for securing “Copy Exactly!” with Sub Suppliers is taken by the Suppliers of Evatec AG.


Agreement / Commitment

The “Copy Exactly!” agreement is part of the purchase order or order acknowledgement. Evatec AG reserves the right to return products to Supplier at no cost to Evatec AG if there are any clear deviations from the regulations.


Production release

A new drawing has to be attached for every order / production release by Evatec AG. Suppliers must check for any changes. If any drawing has a new “changing index”, Evatec AG  must issue a description of the modification attached to the drawing. If no attachment is received, Suppliers must contact Evatec AG immediately.


Training material

On demand Evatec AG will provide cost-free training material and is willing to help Suppliers by answering  questions at any time.


Extract from the General Terms of Purchase of Evatec AG:

In case a Supplier is unable to provide original spare parts to EVATEC during the period stated above Supplier is obliged to notify EVATEC thereof in writing 6 months in advance and furthermore to deliver to EVATEC spare parts conforming to the original spare parts with respect to form, fit and function.